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Who am I?

My name is Niamh Barber, I am an Irish designer who is based in the Mourne Mountains, County Down, Ireland.  I am a design graduate from the University of Ulster, Belfast.  I originally specialised in graphics and multimedia design however my love for traditional crafts, stitch work and beading has led me to develop my love for design into the field of millinery.

Design Philosopy

I love being creative and I embark on each piece as a piece of wearable sculpture that needs to be made of luxurious materials and a balance of components.  Millinery offers me the opportunity for 3d sculptures that will make the wearer feel extra special for their event.

As a designer I ensure each piece meets the clients personality whether they love embellishment or a more sculptural form or both.  

I always go the extra mile to ensure every piece I create is full of detail and finished to immaculate standard, no matter how long that takes.  I am a perfectionist and as a great tutor once said "You can't chance your DNA and nor should you".

I have a great love for design in all areas of life and I am constantly keeping up to date with the latest emerging trends and they inspire my design work and ideas.

My service commitment

I love to work with leather, different millinery straws, wool, lace, felt, feathers and beading.  Each piece is made with love and with attention paid to every detail.


I love to work creatively with each client ensuring I am meeting their needs for their special occasion including weddings.  I am able to create small intricate pieces or large sculptural formations depending on the client's personality or occasion.

This level of detail appears not only in bespoke orders but also my rental collection.  For me, my design philosopy is the same for every piece I create.  I always want to create something beautiful.

Rental Collection

Bridal Collection

Bespoke orders

Luxury Crowns and Headbands


How to book an appointment with me at my studio?

My studio is based in the Mourne Mountains, Hilltown, County Down.  I love to work with clients in these beautiful surroundings and in your appointment I will spend time with you listening to ideas, of course, bring any outfits, accessories etc that you would like to match up.  I will use my knowledge to ensure you find the perfect piece for your occasion.  Appointments are necessary and can be booked through contacting me through my contact form on the website, through facebook, email or phone.  Don't feel shy come I would love to meet you!

Did you know?

Sharing my love of art and design I am a qualified Art and Design teacher.  I take my students through the skills of drawing, painting, felt making, printmaking, ceramics, textile design, embroidery and dressmaking.  Many of my students have achieved top student awards for their work under my guidance.  I believe working creatively with young people further enhances my overall approach to design.  

'Young people keep me young, thinking outside the box, testing boundaries and they have a wonderful experimentation attitude towards fashion ideals.  We have many wonderful creative conversations about lots of different types of art and design.  They are truly inspirational and make me very proud'.

I love how millinery is a life long learning experience full of possibilities - it is such an exciting area to specialise in as it allows me to bring so many elements of the design world together.

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